restorative yoga excerpts


BEING-NESS through the BODY . . . 

Movement, breath, gesture,  touch , glance, feeling and thought . . .


Yoga Somatics with Ateeka is an ever-changing and growing approach to yoga with the primary objective of RECOVERING THE NATURAL INTELLIGENCE that lives and thrives in our living, breathing bodies. Practices encourage full body self-awareness and vital health through innovative breath, sound and movement experience.

Yoga Somatics explores the inner territories of body, mind and emotions through organic yoga asana, pranayama, sitting meditation, nada‐yoga (the yoga of divine sound), asana and bodywork in warm water, bodywork on land, spontaneous movement, creative expression and verbal sharing. The inner and outer movements of yoga asana become a meditation that leads toward deeper awareness of your inner self and will help you to cultivate trust in the intelligence of your own body.



Learn effective practice techniques for re-­appropriating, circulating, grounding and utilizing vital life force energy. In a state of balanced, flowing life energy, we can access the vast potential for healthy bodies, emotional equilibrium andconnection with Source. Each practice is an opportunity to bathe ourselves in the eternal creative flow of life, drop into a space of presence and listen with heart-­‐full curiosity to our inner territory and how it relates to the world around us.

Yoga Somatics practices are exploratory, changing, growing and evolving.  No class is ever the same and each offers an opportunity to move deeply into movement that is initiated by the fluid systems of the body.  Asanas are taught as “islands” from which we can move into an infinite “ocean” of possibilities for movement and exploration. 

Ateeka shares a new and different dimension of the yoga practice . . . the yoga of possibilities. . . of exploring our evolutionary ancestry and energetic spectrum . . . of intelligence and playfulness and fluidity.   We do our best to teach  without doctrine, dogma or hierarchy and create a spherical opportunity to learn from and contribute to the immediate environment.

Classes explore movement, healing and vibration from many different perspectives offered to us by nature.  The evolving work is taught on land, in the water of ocean and warm pools and in situations that allow for suspension (like trees or hammocks) to constantly change our relationship with gravity, amplifying the body’s electromagnetic field.

Yoga Somatics offers an opportunity to  explore asana with curiosity, openness and creativity. Rooted in evolving practice and personal experience, levels of alignment are approached as an intuitive and intelligent individual choice rather than an imposed demand for a perfect standardized form.

Above all, the practices are intelligent and stimulate the practitioner to embrace individual awareness of movement inspired by the rhythm of the breath and fluid currents of the body.

Yoga Somatics invites the fluid, changeable, responsive nature of water and flow into the practice. It is in this evolution that we will restore our balance personally and collectively. This practice is for the modern practitioner, lifting the veil of our cultural conditioning and tradition to see clearly what is vitally needed for today. . . RESPONSIVE, FLOWING, LOVING CONNECTION with each other.

You can contact Ateeka personally via email at or to speak with Ateeka in person, please send an email with your phone number and she will contact you with a good time to connect. THANK YOU!